Made of responsibility

The production of plastic bottles far exceeds the possibilities of waste collection, and used PET bottles have become a huge problem in many countries. Plastics are filling landfills at an alarming rate and its decomposition takes hundreds of years. The recycling of PET bottles is the only way to save the environment.

Lech Fabrics, based on its 40 years of experience, To be in line with the current trends, provide high-quality, soft fabrics made from PET bottles. It maintains their high quality while reducing harmful effects on the environment.

quotation mark We buy organic food, segregate waste, give up plastic straws or shopping bags. It is also time to think about ecological materials.

At the current pace of polluting the planet, there will soon be more plastic than fish in the ocean. What can we do with it? Process it!

Fabrics made from 100% recycled PET bottles maintain their parameters and the softness of standard Select fabrics. In the future, the textile industry will only use similar eco solutions.

Lech Fabrics wants to positively impact the world right away!

Do you know?

The clothing industry processes billions of tons of PET bottles annually.

20% of all polyester in the world will be recycled by 2030

A statistical Pole throws away almost 100 plastic bottles a year

A PET bottle needs on average up to 500 years to decompose



Made of recycling

Transparent plastic bottles for water, drinks and cosmetics are the raw material used in the production of fabrics.

Waste is segregated, cleaned, processed into granules, and then into yarns and fabrics. PET bottles are 100% recyclable. The process of recycling bottles uses less water and energy than their original production. PET reprocessing is associated with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the production of conventional polyester.

quotation mark It significantly reduces the amount of waste in landfills and polyester can be processed right up to eight times!

The production of eco materials involves:

And what does the recycling process of PET bottles look like?


removing labels


milling and drying

granulate formation




12 PET bottles produce 1 m² of polyester fiber



Made of quality

High quality is our priority, that's why we test recycled materials to confirm their compliance with the standards of the European market.

Lech offers products which contribute to environmental protection and are in line with current global trends, without reducing their quality.

quotation mark Only a positive test result leads to the release of our products onto the market.

What are the materials tested for?

abrasion and pilling resistance

resistance of color to friction and light

shift of threads in the seam

azo dyes and dimethyl fumarate content

Fabric created from recycled PET bottles it does not differ from standard fabrics in any way and is of high quality. It retains its properties and pleasant delicate structure.

It behaves like natural material, is durable and easy to clean.



Made of innovation

This is confirmed by the Global Recycle Standard certificate - an international standard which sets out certification requirements for recycled fabrics.

The goal of GRS is to increase the use of recycled materials while caring for the environment, social conditions, and making sure the used chemicals are safe for people and the environment.

quotation mark We strive to push the industry towards sustainable development.

The GRS certificate confirms:

  • the content of recycled fabrics

  • responsible social and environmental practices

  • a modern approach in business

GRS also enables customers to make informed shopping decisions.

We truly care for the environment

In order for fabric made from recycling to obtain a quality certificate, the requirements of GRS must be observed at every stage of acquiring and processing raw materials.

Starting from the recycling stage, through processing, to selling the product.

quotation mark Eco materials from our offer meet all these conditions.